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From the North to the South: A Dark Fiber Early Adopter’s Success Story

In the world of technology, early adopters are often viewed as risk takers. In the development world, early adoption is about taking on a new piece of technology, weeding out the bugs and glitches and maturing that technology to a more stable version of its earlier self. For end users, early... Read More »

How Dark Fiber Could Change Entertainment

The Gramophone Award, today commonly referred to as the Grammy, has a long history that dates back to the Hollywood Walk of Fame project of the 1950s. The Grammy Award Show, itself, was created as a way to honor leaders in the music industry whom may never earn a star on Hollywood Boulevard. Since... Read More »

How Seeing the Big Picture Like a Search Giant Can Grow Your Market Share

Since the dot-com boom, the world has seen access providers to the Internet—such as AT&T and Comcast—rapidly build what essentially amounts to a monopoly over the backbone of the Internet. For the everyday user, it is virtually impossible to access the Internet without one of the major... Read More »

How Vocom is Hoping to Grow in 2015 and Beyond

March 11, 2011, is a day that will forever live in infamy. For Japan, it was the day the earth stood still as a 9.0-magnitude earthquake rippled through the Asian islands and ensuing tsunamis devastated coastlines. The entire world watched in shock and rushed resources to the Land of the Rising Sun... Read More »

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February 12, 2018 — ColoGuard to Provide Tenants with Ready Access to More Than 30 Networks As lack of choice for connectivity options,... Learn More

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ColoGuard and Industry City: largest connected campus in North America | Industry City is an industrial commercial adaptive reuse project, on a 38 acre, 6 million square foot campus, located in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, making a Read More »

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